Monday, April 27, 2009

Sick Day.

So today I am very sicky.
May be flu..
May not be.
But I feel awful and sore all over and sneezey.

So anyways..I've been doing a daily vlog on my new youtube account.
Check it out..
ANyway, i'm mad sick today so todays vlog will be brief....BRIEF!

Just on msn and watching Spiderman 3 today.
Its been fun..
Well apart from feeling like death warmed up and then stuck in a fridge....
Apart from that..

I'm really getting frustrated at my college work.
I have to find Darkrooms outside of my college darkrooms to do work in.
And my fave one to use is under construction..
The other one i used to use never answer their phone and it has me wondering whether they're
even still there! 

I feel bad about missing college today..but i probably would of passed out on my way there..

So I stayed in. I have some stuff i can work on here anyway.

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