Friday, February 27, 2009

Internet is baaaaaaack.

Thats right...I am interneting it up again.
That was a SCARY two days... :( scary.
So any news? Oh wait your a dont talk...i forgot.


:( I'm annoyed and sad,....

My internet has been off all day..Somethings wrong with the phones too :(

Angus(my dog) is sitting beside me, he just made the oddest noise..

Anyway, so i'm writing a Blog now,i'll post it when my internet picks back up :(

I miss it...

I'm so bored without it...Is that sad or what.?

I'm watching Deep Blue Sea.

I love horror movies.

Especially bad ones.

More fun to watch!

This one is funny so far.. Samuel L Jackson....LOL.

I'm waiting for him to have a one on one with a shark and say something witty...I say witty... you know how he is....


Thursday, February 26, 2009


Ok so like.... AHH! Sorry, I'm just so SUPER fed up..
GERROVERRR yourself .

*breath sorcha breath*
XD lol...


Hello Blog.
Long time no type.. Not that anyone reads these...
or at least i don't think anyone reads this....?
I can't sleep...And i'm watching Bones :)
My dog was just barking like CRAZY! I thought the house was getting broken into or something :O but no...he's just a mad dog. Probably had a bad dream
I love this laptop. Thought i'd let you know that.
I want starbucks muffins.
So going to Ballsbridge tomorrow to get some.
Well...this was interesting. I'll write something more relevant and interesting soon.

:D Laters..