Thursday, July 15, 2010


- Available: NO :) Taken...
- Age: 22
- Annoyance: Meaness
- Animal: Tiger
- Actor: Johnny Depp

- Beer: umm corona?
- Birthday: 30th October
- Best Friends: Philip, Rebecca, Niamhy
- Body Parts on opposite sex: Eyes, smile
- Best feeling in the world: Being with Philip
- Blind or Deaf: Neither??
- Best weather: Sun,with a light breeze or lashing rain when you don't have to go anywhere and an stay indoors.
- Been in Love: I am.
- Been on stage?: Yehh
- Believe in yourself?: Sometimes.
- Believe in Ghosts/spirits: Yeah.
- Believe in Evolution: Yeah

- Car: Black Micra or unrealistically a Gran torino, Mustang or Transam.
- Candy: Lollipops,jellies, caramel chocolate.
- Colour: Purple
- Cried in school: No.
- Chocolate/Vanilla: Chocolate…..but i love Vanilla
- Chinese/Mexican: Chinese…but i really love mexican
- Cake or pie: EHHH BOTH…more so pie.
- Country to visit: Hawaii

- Day or Night: Night
- Dream vehicle: Was this not already asked? Mustang…70's style please.
- Dance in the rain?: Possibly.
- Do the splits?: Once by accident...

- Eggs: Yessum
- Eyes: What about them? I like eyes…mine are green
- Everyone has a: Head? They are essential
- Ever failed a class? YUP

- First crush: Philip ;)
- Full name: Sorcha Breffini Geraldine O'Rourke Murphy
- First thoughts waking up: Shit am i late? or what time is it? or Where am i?
- Food: I love food!!!!!!!

- Greatest Fear: Not doing what i want with my life.
- Giver or taker: Giver
- Goals: To live my life how i want.
- Get along with your parents?: Yeah.
- Good luck charm: Don't have any.

In guys/girls
(Philip in my case)
Eye colour: Blue/Greeb/Grey,… they change a bit dnt they Philip
Hair Colour: Blondey Brown
Height: Taller than me….loll its not hard
Clothing Style: I like a lot of styles,timberland,river island,topman sell nice things,
Characteristics: Nice,sweet,kind,funny,maaad hot. XD
- Hair Colour: Atm its red but normally brown
- Height:. 5'4-5'5ish
- Happy: Right now? mehhhh
- Holiday: None =( so far….i'd love to go to London or Nyc or California..
- How do you want to die: Not by some ridiculous accident.
- Health freak?: Haha…no…i probably should.
- Hate: Being Used.

- Ice Cream: Ben n Jerrys,Magnums,Twisters…most ice creams/pops.
- Instrument: NONE. I havnt the patients for such things. I prefer Art, like painting and drawing.

- Jewelry: Long Necklace and earrings always.
- Job: Don't have one…unless you count freelance photography………....

- Kids: i have none….i want 3
- Kickboxing or karate: Neither..thanks.....
- Keep a journal?: Yup….I tend to keep drawing journals though.

- Longest Car Ride: Ummmm Not sure… Cork or Donegal maybe?
- Love: Is amazing. When its real..
- Letter: With a receipt in it…this morning
- Laughed so hard you cried: Yes
- Love at first sight: Yup.

- Milk flavour: Milk flavour….???? Ummmm regular? chocolates nice too
- Movie: Atm? Any Harry Potter…i have no favourite movies… i love too many
- Mooned anyone?: Eh no.
- Motion sickness?: Yup…but very rare.
- McD’s or BK: Always McDonalds…..ahhh shit. I want it now.

- Number of Siblings: 0
- Number of Piercings: 2
- Number: 6

- Overused Phrases: "FML"..(thats kinda harsh innit?)
- One wish:Cant tell you...
- One phobia: Spiders? But phobia is a strong word...
- Place you’d like to live: Somewhere warm..America? But not forever..
- Perfect Pizza: Pepperoni,Mushroom,Pineapple and sweetcorn…extra mozarella
- Pepsi/Coke: Coke! but i like pepsi.

- Question to ask someone: I have too many questions for too many people...
- Quest you would want to go on: A quest? like save the princess kinda deal? Ummm…. id. Tour with a band and photograph? Go and work with animals… idk??

- Reason to cry: Ha…i have a few.
- Reality T.V.: No thanks
- Radio Station: Ummmmm Phantom i suppose.
- Roll your tongue in a circle? Yup

- Song: I have too many. Right now… Styx-Renegade
- Shoe size: 5- 6
- Sushi: NOM NOM NOM i love it.
- Skipped school: Yup..i was a regular bad ass….Naah just near the end of school started caring less.
- Slept outside: Yep…
- Skinny dipped? Nope
- Sing well?: Ha…I wouldn't know, i never let anyone hear to judge
- Swear?: Fuck eh
- Stuffed Animals?: I have a good few…loll
- Strawberries/Blueberries: Strawberries though blueberries have their moments.
- Time for bed: When the sun comes up…ha when im tired.
- Thunderstorms: Love them
- TV: Supernatural,Friends,BONES!!! Mighty Boosh,The simpsons…lots more
- Touch your tongue to your nose:? Nope….neither is that big..

- Vegetable you hate: I love veggies. Mushy peas would be the only hate
- Vegetable you love: Carrots,corn,peas,mushroom,potatoe,cauliflower…it goes on
- Vacation spot: NYC

- Weakness:like my physical weakness or…? bad eyesight i guess… i have other weaknesses like for food or lil animals XD
- When you grow up: photographer/artist/family person XD
- Which one of your friends do you love the most:I love em all..
- Who makes you laugh the most: Philip
- Worst feeling: Being alone when you want company…or when you get bad news
- Wanted to be a model?: Ahh i guess, but not the way those skinny betchez are
- Worst weather: Windy and drizzly rain.

-X-Rays: Yup….once on my LUNGS

-Year it is now: 2010
-Yellow: What an annoyingly cheerful colour

- Zoo animal: Tiger
- Zodiac sign: Scorpio

1. Slept in a bed beside you? Philip
2. Last person to see you cry? No idea…My mam?
3. Went to the movies with you? Philip <3
4. You went to the shops with? Mam
5. You went to dinner with? Philip
6. You talked to on the phone? Dad
7. Made you laugh? Philip

Saturday, July 3, 2010

What have I been up to you ask??

So i decided i'd blog properly tonight. Like not just something short ending in lol.
N anyways....
So, where do I begin. Lets talk about yesterday. I went out with Rebecca aka Bex aka BexMoose aka Firefighterbex aka alot of things. We went for a cycle as we do :D it was fun.. we went loadsa places 0_0 wrecked after it.
She got sushi, it looked fancy XD we also realised we wont be going to a CERTAIN shop again...unless we're like desperate.
RIP OFF......*cough* anyway... Then we went back to her GAF to go online and generally doss around. She introduced me to this wonderful invention called BlogTv...i'd heard of it but i'd never gone onto it. It was funny, did a live blog with a few friends to join it. Hilarious. Created my own account today. good times. Erm. I'm very sleepy. Philip just left there a few minutes ago. We were watching snakes on a was educational. Yeh. Full of facts.
I'm gonna go make a cup of tea or something and then go to bed....
Though knowing me....I'll end up staying up all night either online or playing Red Dead Redemption....