Saturday, July 3, 2010

What have I been up to you ask??

So i decided i'd blog properly tonight. Like not just something short ending in lol.
N anyways....
So, where do I begin. Lets talk about yesterday. I went out with Rebecca aka Bex aka BexMoose aka Firefighterbex aka alot of things. We went for a cycle as we do :D it was fun.. we went loadsa places 0_0 wrecked after it.
She got sushi, it looked fancy XD we also realised we wont be going to a CERTAIN shop again...unless we're like desperate.
RIP OFF......*cough* anyway... Then we went back to her GAF to go online and generally doss around. She introduced me to this wonderful invention called BlogTv...i'd heard of it but i'd never gone onto it. It was funny, did a live blog with a few friends to join it. Hilarious. Created my own account today. good times. Erm. I'm very sleepy. Philip just left there a few minutes ago. We were watching snakes on a was educational. Yeh. Full of facts.
I'm gonna go make a cup of tea or something and then go to bed....
Though knowing me....I'll end up staying up all night either online or playing Red Dead Redemption....


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