Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wednesday Night...

So YES! I am quite bored to be honest. I'm watching the Simpsons. The one where Lisa enters the beauty pagent.
Love ittttt...
So i'm sure you noticed that picture..
Have you seen these perfumes yet? Or smelt them??
Well...I love the G one..(gwen) and Love.. SO NICE! The others are nice to...but omg...those two. Loverly.
I want the Gwen one...smells like coconuts :D Mmmmm
And the bottles are so cute!
Anyway... I have to be up early tomorrow. Going to Coolock..Photo shoot much? Indeed.
But how does one get to Coolock??
Apparently by bus...I havn't been out there since i was like.....Small...i cant remember what age... Yehhhhh.

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