Monday, June 14, 2010

Summer 2010

It's been forever since I did this. A blog. Ooooh. How exciting.
Not really but I might as well UPDATE. So its summer now. Life is not too exciting but good all things considering.
I've set aside some projects for myself. Challenges even.

1: Grow something-
I bought a Jalapeno pepper plant in HomeBase. I want to see if I can keep a plant alive and possibly get food out of it.
2: Get provisional licence-
Before summer started I was geared on getting my full license but i think i was being much too optimistic.
3: Get a job-
Easier said than done. Recession kinda fooked things up for students looking for summer jobs. I'd love to work in a book shop or some little music shop but most places look for people with shop experience. Unfortunately I don't have much of that but I have a lot of other experiences. I've done work involving dealing with people. I worked as an usher like. Anyway, the CV's are written up, just need to print them.
4: Focus on college work-
I am off from college but that doesn't mean I cant do work for it. I want to have a lot of spare stuff for when I get back there.
5: Redecorate my room-
I don't know why i thought shocking pink and baby pink would be less annoying than bright purple. Yes they are warmer colours but Dear God I need a break from them. Going for creams and chocolate browns instead. Hopefully next week.

I'll probably add more to that list but for now there they are.
My hurdles.

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