Saturday, April 3, 2010


I had the weirdest dream last night. No idea what it meant..

I was with my dog out in this large field surrounded by hills and dark forests. We were walking along and came across this group of Native Americans wearing Badger pelts,they had at least a hundred dogs,of all different sizes and breeds,they were trying to get rid of a wolf. So we waited with them,I was horrified that they were using that many dogs against one wolf, i thought to myself that the wolf must be huge or very viscous . The wolf appeared, a orange/russet/copper coloured female. Sleek and calm she ran and all the dogs followed barking. But she was gone in seconds. The dogs got confused and attacked each other..I was freaked out at first but relieved when i realised the wolf managed to get away so fast,i picked up my dog and walked in the direction the wolf went to see if she was ok. Then I woke up.

Hearing peoples dreams is never the most interesting thing but that was the most interesting dream i have had in a very long time. Any insight?

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