Monday, March 29, 2010


UGH! Is all i can say XD
I'm the type of person who cares/can not care about something very easily.
Depends you know?
But when i am right about something and I definitely am(I has back up) that just gets to me.
I have no problem phasing things out.
It wouldn't be the first time.
But what annoys me is how someone can be so rude and up themselves.
They'll just be left with no one in the end if they carry on like that.
I'm a fairly caring individual,i try with people..but theres only so much one can take.
And when I look back over everything I don't understand why I was so nice the whole time when it wasn't reciprocated ?
This year I came to learn who my real friends are. Who cares about me. And I really love them all for that. I'm lucky to have such nice friends to back me up and to listen to me.
I don't need people who use me and are just plain rude and mean because they can be.
Just because you can act a certain way doesn't mean you should.
It makes you look petty and small.
Which makes others laugh and see you for how you really are.
And its sad because you'll just waste your time and hurt the people around you, pushing them away till you are alone.

That won't happen to me.
I respect my friends and family.
And I can't stand for people disrespecting them.
Thats just how I am.
I feel bad that things are the way they are but I'm not to blame.
I know that. Its just a pity,things could of been sorted out if stubbornness wasn't an issue.
But it was.

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