Thursday, July 9, 2009

Night Timez.

So it's very late at night.. or very early in the morning.
Whichever way you like to look at it really.
I don't care.
So having a night to myself. Well I was out earlier.
But home by 12..
Msn,movies and......
Tea and cookies.
I made an IMMENSE cup of tea. So tasty.
3 sugars please. Yessums.

So I'm like all......bleh?
Long story short .....
With pretty much everything.
Want to start fresh..
Start over in a new college..
Move into my own flat. All by myself.
And get myself a kitten.
I'd like to try the living by myself thing.
Well sometimes I'd like that but I'd rather live with Philip thanks.
I like being alone most of the time.
Night time bugs me though..Don't like that.
Day time..Yeahh. Leave me be. Lol.
I like going about my things in the day..
Night time,I enjoy company.

I'm really fed up with my college.
I feel like no one.
I don't matter.
I am just some sap whose repeating.
Leave her to it.

Ahhh I dunno.
Just feeling bleh.

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